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"I have not failed 10000 times; I have successfully found 10000 ways that do not work." ~ Thomas Edison

Thursday, July 29, 2010


On July 28 we had our embryo transfer--a day I think I'll hold close to my heart regardless of the outcome because it was the day I became 'pregnant until proven otherwise'!
Our two lil 8-cell embies were transferred at 10:13am (my DH made sure to record the time) and we could not stop smiling. The procedure is heaven compared to ER and took about 3 minutes in total. They doctor came in and asked how many we were transferring--which was still 2 ---and then the lab technician came in to talk to us about freezing and how our 16 embryos were all doing well--with only two of them less than 4 cells but she thought they would catch up and may be able to be viable for freezing. Then they put up on the screen our two little beans....soo perfect and an amazing sight to see. We got to keep a photo (i will post as soon as DH scans it in) and it is proudly hanging on the fridge..finally we have a pic to hang on the fridge! :)

Our two lil embies....hopefully they are sticky like spider man!

Now we have the grueling 2 week wait!!!!! But we have had tremendous support from family and friends --even recieving a loving care package in the mail from my SIL---filled with distractions and indulgences (thanks sistah! XOX)

For now I will enjoy being PUPO and have the best outlook as mamma to be!

Leaving LHSC with lil embies inside!

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  1. You are more than welcome!!! Glad you liked it :) And in my eyes you are not PUPO you are just P!!!!!!!! Love love love all around :) xoxoxoxo