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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

22 weeks--past the half way mark

So today I had my second OB appointment and with the results that the anatomy scan and IPS #2 test all came back normal the reality has set in that in 18 weeks I'll be a mama!!

And just to make things more interesting I'll also be a homeowner on Jan. 24--meaning we'll be moving to Innisfil on Feb 2.--nothing like a 7 month old prego moving in the middle of the winter. :) We are extremely excited that 2010 really turned out to be our year and can't wait for the new adventures in 2011.

We have already started planning for the baby's room and since we are not finding out what we are having we decided on a tree/forest themed room with white furniture --lots of owls and woodland creatures to entertain!!--I've been searching on craigslist and kijiji and Im surprised people ever pay full price for stuff when sooo many people are selling almost new items. Needless to say we'll probably end up with an amazing crib for under $200!

here's some pics of the bedding we have--can't wait to paint the room and get organized!

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  1. Girl where are you!? You just stopped updating!