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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Robitussin...not just for that hacking cough!

Along with the number of side effects that comes with Clomid, one of the very unfortunate ones is the effect it can have on your cervical fluid. Especially after prolonged use, Clomid can start to thicken your cervical mucus--which we all know is not a good thing for those lil swimmers to get through. I was reading quite a bit on how to remedy this as I have found that my lack of cervical fluid makes it difficult for me to monitor what is going on--and what I came across, believe it or not, was Robitussin!
Primarily used for helping to loosen nasal and bronchial mucus, Robutussin also helps to "loosen" the mucus all over the body, including your cervical mucus! Crazy right? I know- but at this point I'm willing to try anything.
Many women who are not even on fertility drugs use this therapy and have reported success with it.
Robitussin is of course a brand name, the main ingredient you want to be looking for is guaifenesin--and usually a formula that has about 200mg. Robitussin or guaifenesin can be found in both liquid and in gel caps. While I searched for a "no-name" brand at a cheaper price, I did not find one that had guaifenesin listed as the ONLY ingredient. Be careful to check the ingredients and buy the brand that contains only guaifenesin as there are many other formulas on the shelf that include antihistamines, and/or pain relieve. (Note antihistamines can also have the effect of drying cervical fluid up). The amount to take varies depending on which sites you are on. I take 2 teaspoons/ 3X a day during my ovulation week--- Most women will start taking it after the menstrual bleeding has stopped. If you are taking Clomid start the Robustussin therapy the day AFTER your last pill.

*Of course you should always clarify this with your fertility doctor and/or pharmacist.*


  1. Hi Hitu? sorry are you asking which clinic I went to?? If so I went to the London Health Science Center in London, Ontario.

  2. Can You Take This Medication If You're pregnant??

  3. Dear Anonymous. I would always check with a doctor before taking anything while pregnant. This entry is specifically discussing the effects of robutussin and cervical fluid--so I wasn't pregnant while taking it ;)