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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Countdown to IVF begins

Just got home from a long day in London and am estatic to report that we will be starting our first IVF cycle this summer!! Our DR is absolutely amazing--going through the entire process and getting this started asap. It has become more evident, after five cycles of Clomid, that I most likely have an excess of scar tissue on the outside of my tubes preventing any communication between my ovaries and my tubes---pretty much the kids aren't getting picked up by the schoolbus!!!

We will meet with our case worker in 3-5 weeks and then depending where I am in my cycle be able to estimate our start date a bit better.
Already we have completed my Day 3 blood work as well as an ultrasound that determined that BOTH my ovaries are in great positions for egg retrieval, and while DR will have to plow his way through a lot of scar tissue, he is more than optimistic that it shouldn't be a problem. (Just one more reason I am extremely relieved that we decided to stay with Dr. Powers at University Hospital considering my history)
We had a brief scare with my left ovary when it popped up on the screen about 5X bigger than my right!! Apparently this is one of the side effects of fertility drugs and should go back to normal next month (seriously thought I had an exploded ovary for a second!).
Also before starting IVF you complete all the bloodwork that you would normally do once you find out you are pregnant...I got seven viles of blood to test everything from HIV, Hep B, Hep C, blood type, along with my FSH levels---in addition my DH had to also get four viles for similar tests and for someone who doesn't do well at the sight of his own blood he was such a trooper!
One more great thing about being in London is we literally walked into the lab for blood tests and right back out with FREE PARKING! :)
I can't wait to meet our case worker and start the countdown to mommyhood!


  1. YES!!! This is AMAZING NEWS!!! I am SO SO SO excited for you guys and have NO doubt that you will be an expectant Mommy on New Years Eve this year - and that will make all of the heartbreak from the previous one just disappear :) Can't wait to hear more - we LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!!! Countdown to being Auntie Karen BY blood is on for me!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. This is soo exciting, I can't even put it into words. WAHOOOOO! Can't wait to hear the next update.

    "The kids aren't getting picked up by the school bus." LOL, you crack me up.


  3. Hopefully you'll be eating for two at Thanksgiving this year...I love you