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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The dreaded wait is not that dreaded

So we are one week away from doing our bloodwork and a lot of people have been asking me how I can stand the wait...and honestly it hasn't been that difficult. I guess its hard to explain but almost 2 years of waiting every month you really don't build yourself up anymore. It is much easier to not think about it than drive yourself nuts constantly wondering. My DH and I haven't really spoken about the "what ifs" over the past week and it has certainly paid off as I'm not feeling stressed about things at all.

I know for most woman it sounds crazy and there are a lot of woman on my forum who give tips and ideas on how to handle the dreaded 2 week wait---but for me I'm focusing on work (which is extremely busy), getting our new "basement" pad organized and trying to enjoy the rest of the summer...so much so I'm going to hang out on my friend's boat at Ontario Place while we listen to the sounds of the rihanna concert tonight (of course I'll be drinking perrier while they have much tastier cocktails!). Life cannot stop and one thing I've really learned through all this is it is much easier to be disappointed when you build something up so much in your mind--it will be such an amazing surprise when I get those 2 lil pink lines one day!

Both my DH and I are extremely optimistic--but we also are aware of the risks that come with IVF and of course one of them is that it's not always beginner' s luck--we are excited for next Thursday and have decided that regardless of the results Thursday will be our day. We are shutting our phones off and I will not be posting (just a warning so you don't constantly log on) any results---with our complete openess throughout the whole procedure I feel this day is one for us to enjoy just the two of us...like any other couple who finds out they are pregnant --its a moment to cherish (hopefully with complete joy!)

Till then I'm just plugging away, still putting those pretty progestrone pills up the hooch (oh yeah 2 pills 3x a day...but it will keep that uterine lining nice and thick!) and thinking of all the mommas-to-be...

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