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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back at Work

I've officially been back at work for a month as of today ---and life is full of wonderful chaos. I work about an hour and a half from home so the commute is something I definitely don't love but sacrifice so we can live outside of the city with lots of space within a small knit community.
Obviously being back at work starts to get the baby brain working on when we should consider having Baby #2 (or #3--ivfers always have to think of that possibility!)
Since having Ethan I've always envied the moms I've met who have had back-to-back babies--14 or 18 months apart, meaning when they returned to work they already had precious cargo tucked warmly in their womb. When I complained about having to return to work I got a lot of "just get pregnant" "get on that second mat leave" "Don't wait!" ---but it just wasn't that simple.
First our fertility clinic is 3 hours away and while it requires me traveling multiple times for blood work and u/s I wouldn't trade our doctor for the world. We went for a consult to see what is required for a FET--and since I am still under 35 (for another year anyways) and had no complications with our first IVF protocol-DR recommended doing an unmedicated cycle. Cost wise this is good news--as meds can be $$$ but it is still over $700 for an FET and the biggest problem is me getting work off since I just got back.
The downside to an unmedicated is they have to monitor your cycle a lot closer with daily blood and u/s so they can implant at exact ovulation time...so I could NOT do any blood work from afar :(
Meaning I would have to do blood work on Day3 and then blood work and u/s on Day 10-14 followed by a transfer Day 15 or 16 (and of course doing it all without my work figuring that out =  vacation time.)
I even had a close friend "suggest" to me why don't I just try the old fashioned way since a lot of people get pregnant after IVF spontaneously. Hmmm why didn't I think of that!!!!....sorry for the sarcasm but DH and I aren't exactly being careful or concerned after all we've been through. On top of it all I don't think I can return to the crazy world of counting days, ovulation sticks and temperature taking...and since my issues are tubal it really is a 1 in a million chance that my tubes would function to pick up an egg.
So for now I just plug away at my job and get used to my daily routine of 5:30 a.m. wake ups,  teary eyed goodbyes with my lil guy at 630 a.m. and fantastic snuggles when I pick him up at 6 p.m.
Throughout the day I'm lucky enough to get some great photos of what he's up to from his daycare provider which always puts a smile on my face!
                                                             Eating breakfast..YUM!

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