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Monday, June 18, 2012

Here we go again....

So about a week ago I started looking at the calendar and realized that at the end of this month a window of opportunity was going to open with me having some vacation time, the Canada day holiday and my AF all co-operating. When my clinic told me to call when I was on Day 1 (the day AF arrives) I thought what the heck I’ll call. Then they told me to come in for Day 3 bloodwork and u/s….again I thought..why not see what’s going on in there.
So on Sunday morning I woke up with the early birds and made the long trek to London. Thankfully our clinic has just moved and is now doing blood and u/s at Fertility Ontario, which just happens to be RIGHT off the highway. I arrived at 730am and was out by 8am—amazing! It was sooo much quicker than the process before. I had an attending who did my u/s and she noticed right away all the scar tissue around my right ovary (a result from my burst appendix). She was also surprised about how high up it sat—literally on top of my uterus and asked if I had issues during my egg retrieval.  (which besides being a terrible painful experience-- I didn’t!) It seems like its even higher than normal though and if I had to do a second retrieval may not be as easy as before. It got me thinking that this window of opportunity may be more a blessing in disguise.
We have 9 precious embryos to use first before considering a second IVF attempt—but I already know that if I have to do another fresh cycle—time is not my friend!!  So when she called back with my results….all indicating that I’m in perfect hormonal balance for a FET…DH and I decided to just go for it!
This time round we aren’t being as public about our attempt because let’s face it—we all know FET have lower success rates then Fresh Cycles…so we’ll take it one month at a time for now. So back to London this Thurs for more blood work and we’ll take it from there!!
Blood work results:
Prolactin 17.91
Progesterone: normal
Estrogen 95

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  1. Ahhhhh, so excited that you are trying again! Congrats. Hope it works without meds!