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Friday, June 22, 2012

Off to London with a bestie

Some things just all fall into place. Yesterday I found out that I only had to work a half day and was excited that I would get to spend the afternoon with my lil man. One of my best friends who lives overseas had just gotten into town and we had plans for her to come back to Innisfil tonight for a ladies night....she's originally from London and when I told her that I would have to leave on Saturday morning at 4am she suggested we just take a lil roadtrip and stay with her parents.
So off we go in a couple hours--one of my besties, my lil man (who she has taken out for some morning shopping while I work---saving me the hour drive home to pick him up from daycare) and myself will make the trek down to London and have a relaxing night with good company...and the best best part of it is that her parents live FIVE minutes from our clinic..so no 4am wake up to drive 3 hours for blood and u/s---wooohooo!!

Ethan and Aunt Mandi last summer at the cottage :)

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