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Thursday, June 24, 2010

One more day till vaca!

I'm sitting in my office basically counting down the hours till I am off for a whole week! I start my synarel nasal spray on Tuesday and decided I wanted to have some time to pack and relax before this all gets started. We have most of our small stuff packed up--books, CDs, Dvds, half the kitchen and winter clothes are all at the door and ready to go. Thankfully my father-in-law is going to be helping us do a few loads on Monday and my hallway will start to clear out a bit for me to start stacking more boxes to pack.
On Tuesday my DH and I decided to do something fun just the two of us (he only has the monday and tuesday off and since he works at a golf course we RARELY have days off together) so we are planning for a day at Canada's Wonderland---what better way to start our roller coaster ride than to actually ride the coasters! ;)
The rest of my week I'm going to head to our family cottage with my sister-in-law and our youngest nephew Jackson (who is sure to make me smile the entire time). I've stocked up on my summer reading and can't wait to relax on the dock--while sniffing my nasal spray every morning at 7am and 7pm!

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  1. Sounds like a great plan for a much needed week off! Hope the packing isn't too stressful and that you and John enjoy the time you do get together - remember, quality over quantity :) Looking VERY forward to our long weekend away, playing in the sunshine with Jackson and some quality time with my fave sis-in-law (shh, that last part's a secret! lol) xoxoxoxoxoxo