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I am a 35-year-old journalist who has decided there is no better way to overcome difficult times than to write--feel free to post, comment or just read along. This is my blog about the struggles I endured of trying to conceive. For all those out there who are experiencing the same difficulties--sometimes it is nice to hear that you are not alone.
"I have not failed 10000 times; I have successfully found 10000 ways that do not work." ~ Thomas Edison

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stuck in the land of boxes

Since my DH and I have found out that we will be starting our cycle on June 29, things have started to move pretty quickly. Prior to our consultation we had already decided to move back in with my parents in order to save for our procedure--as well as be able to afford a house when the time comes. We had planned to move on July 24 in order to be out of our beloved downtown Toronto apartment by August 1,  but now that it is quite possible we will be doing our ER that weekend everything has been put on hyperdrive.
We have to move majority of our stuff about three weeks sooner than expected as well as find a cheap and reliable car for me to get to work (currently I am 4 subway stops from work *sigh*). The stress is definitely starting to build and I have to keep telling myself to stay stress free. It will all get done in time like it always does..right?
We have started to take some carloads of stuff over to my parents in Mississauga which will be our new stomping grounds for now, and are setting up shop in the basement. We do have a pretty good set up, with a bedroom, bathroom, TV room and not to mention a full irish bar (which I obviously will not be getting any use of!) 
While I love my apartment and the bustle of the city, I am looking forward to taking the next step and if it means a bit of sacrifice than so be it. I am excited to have the support of our family and friends but also from my DH who is willing to move in with his in-laws during the same time his wife is going on meds! (I think he may get use out of the bar ;) 


  1. Hello, you commented on my blog this afternoon and I thought I would give you a shout back. Thank you for your nice comments! I'm sorry that you too have to go through this. 6 Rounds of clomid wow! This was only my 4th (although my 6th month at the clinic). Are you nervous for IVF? Your story about the fundraiser made me want to cry! Friends and family can be really great and supportive, I'm glad you have a good support system.

    I see your moving to Mississauga, that's actually where we live!

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Have you joined IVF.ca? I am a moderator there :)

    I wish you the best of luck, with your IVF coming up and your move.

    Sam (above) and I have been friends since high school, but DH and I live in Georgetown now.

    Look forward to following your journey, BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!


  3. Hi girls...so great to hear from you and you are LOCAL--well soon after my move! How great that you have known each other for so long and can get the support from someone so close. Megan--my sister lives in Georgetown -such a small world isn't it? I can't wait to follow all of our journeys---I am a member of ivf.ca and have started to post more and more as we come to our ivf cycle start date...very nervous but extremely excited to move onto something new. I have a good feeling about this and look forward to a BFP!!!