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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well we have started to organize fundraisers over the summer to help out with the crazy fees that OHIP does not cover and so far the first event was a huge success!!

My sister Pam threw a HUGE garage sale and brought in $586.24!!!!---unbelievable --and her husband was a pro at pushing the product off the lawn! I was mostly overwhelmed by the amount of items she had to sell and never once hesitated to sell it all. It was a great family day with my two nieces running around, my older sister and her husband stopped by to help (thanks for motorcycle ride Jim) and my nephews even came out with some toys to sell.

Unfortunately my DH had to work and my parents were away for the weekend but all in all we had a great day with perfect weather too. My older sister also donated $100.00 from her personal cleaning business (that's a whole day of free cleaning she did!) which was totally unexpected--and made me realize that we are certainly not alone in all this.
So we are now up to $686.24!

Other events my sister and I are setting up are some fun LADIES NIGHT OUT events!!!

I am hosting three separate Clothing swap events --for $20 ladies get a fun night out to spice up their closets while being served hot hors d'oeuvres, wine, cupcakes and more by some hot sassy men!

Everyone brings 5 pieces of  clothing including belts, purses, jewelry and of course SHOES. Everyone has a chance to browse the goods. Then they pick a number out of a hat and numbers 1-5 go first in a dash to the item they want, then 6-10 and so on. At then end it becomes a free for all--with any leftover items going to a woman's shelter. I went to one of these events a few months ago and had a blast!

The dates are June 26, July 17 and August 13 2010.

Part of the evening we want to also have a raffle and door prizes--and so far the response from local business have been amazing--everything from donated photo sessions, massage therapy, knitted items, baby accessories, bath salts and personal trainers--have all responded wanting to help out.

As well at the end of the evening every lady is getting a swag bag with some items in it and business cards of many of the donated items ( I hope to provide some business for their generosity!)

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